FY 24 – “Shakedown” Mug Club *** Pre-Sale***


Choose a name (given name, nickname, call sign, etc) for you to be known as. (Obscene name will be denied; please no profanity unless it’s used in an original and creative way – Admin has final approval on all names)



PRESALE ONLY – Mugs to be distributed on September 30th for our Oktoberfest/Fiscal Year’s Eve bash!

FY 24 Mug Club Benefits:

Personalized 22 oz Mug (can be kept at the tasting room)

22 oz mug fill for 16 oz. price

10% off half pours in the mug

Complimentary snack each visit (one per day)

20% off all Merch – online or in person

Wholesale pricing on mix/match 16 packs of beer

First access to special release beer.

Additional information

Coin Number desired

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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